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Merimac Bios

Merimac is a 4 piece group (often 5 with fiddle/piano) based in Halifax, NS,
playing Classic Rock, Maritime/Celtic, Pop, Country, Reggae, R&B, Funk, Latin, and more!  Its well-known, seasoned members bring a variety of influences and are sure to please any crowd from the Maritimes to B.C. 

Merimac has been full-time since 2001 with good reason. With plenty of experience playing private functions, clubs & public concerts, they definitely know how to get the party going and get people up dancing. Creating a worry-free, fun-filled, memorable event is one of Merimac's strong points! 

Merimac has played over 400 events throughout the Maritimes, Ontario and the U.S., not to mention hundreds of live club dates at Halifax Alehouse, The Split Crow, Cheers, Dolan’s Pub, and Olde Dublin just to name a few. They've also played almost every University in the Maritimes, building a good following everywhere they perform. Merimac regularly plays many of the biggest festivals in the Maritimes such as the Antigonish Highland Games, Canada Day Festivities, Dragon Boat Races, Trenton Fun Fest, Festival of the Straight, Don Yorke Memorial Slopitch in Parsborro, Charlo Fall Festival, Spring Fling in Merimachi, Sam Slick Days, and many more.

You can't help but sing out loud and have fun with this infectious bunch--their stage presence and interaction with the crowd will transform YOUR event into a serious party!!  See you there!

History of the band's musicians...

Eddie (Mac) Fisher

Eddie (Drums and Lead Vocals) - This Tom Hanks look-alike has been compared to the likes of DonEddie's Trusty Snare Henley of the Eagles and Phil Collins to sing lead while keeping a very mean groove on the drums. A 2nd generation drummer/ singer, (father sang & played pro more than 20 years throughout Canada) Eddie continues the affair for the past 15 years professionally.  3 years in South America Eddie performed, recorded & wrote extensively with several world-class Latin pop-rock bands opening concerts for world renown stars with crowds in excess of 40,000 people.  Also playing with many Halifax-based bands such as recording artist Barnacle, Banafrica with fellow musician Jamie Sparks, P.F Station (later Jimmy Swift Band) - an all-original funk rock group, Blue Bay, Lana Grant and Blueberry Grunt.  Eddie lends his diverse musical experiences to the band recreating many of Merimac's tunes with a distinct, original groove.
Compact Audio Recording Studio
Eddie runs COMPACT recording studio, recording for several artists throughout North America and producing many other well-known, award wining Maritime bands in his studio.

Luk Morris
Luke Morris (Camel Man of Wonder)

Luke (Lead Vocals/ Harmonies/ Rhythm Guitar/ Synth) - Born at a very young age, in Halifax, NS has also been playing music from a very early age. Started career as a founding member of Halifax indie rock band Sleep to Dream; released a music video for their single "Souvenir" off the first full length album Breaking the silence. The group toured across Canada opening for such acts as Gordie Johnson, Tom Cochrane, Matt Mays, The Trews and many more. He then went on to release a solo acoustic album and continues to play and write new music. Luke the latest member of Merimac, joining mid 2013, is looking forward to continuing the partaaay through the Maritimes, Canada & U.S. 

Little known fact is that Nasa has studied Luke'sLuke Band brain to see what makes him tick as he doesn't require sleep.  Often found in a tent, to keep himself occupied from 12am - 8am he seductively chants while carving beautiful wooden Russian & camel dolls which he donates to local churches - to repent from his sins committed during the shows.

Craig (Super) Power

Craig (Bass, Harmonies & other Paraphernalia) - Playing part & full-time since 2002 with Merimac.  He is a Merimac secret weapon.  Like his name says "He's got the POWER". His enthusiasm and energy for music is always evident as he lights up the stage which is sure to pull you from your seat. Craig who comes to you all the way from Newfoundland is rich with Irish heritage and along with his Rock and Roll Duty leaves nothing in the tank every night as he lays down his grooves deep in the pocket.

Influnences include Geddy Lee of Rush, John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin and Angus Young of ACDC. Craig plays Fender, Musicman, Spector and Ned Steinberger Electric Upright Basses. Amps include Ampeg and David Eden bass rigs.  He also enjoys Synth Bass that will surely blow your mind!

This video may begin to offer valuable insight to what he's all about.  CLICK HERE FOR CAPTAIN BLUE STAR VIDEO!  Don't worry, he's yet to show up playing with this outfit!

Jeremy Bulmer
(aka Fox) 

Jeremy (Lead Guitar & Harmonies) - With Merimac since early 2012.  Well Jeremy grew up, (kind of).... We'll leave it at Fox for now :)

Born in Lindsay Ontario but not too bad of a guy once you get to know him.  Since "breaking out" of his parents house he's lived in Halifax for several years and is now mostly reformed.  Founding member and rhythm guitar player of  the acclaimed AC/DC tribute band Hells/Bells.  Toured much of Canada & US.  Eating spinach one day discovered his favorite colour is green.  Enjoy reading but only while simultaneously walking on the beach, he will answer to names including Jerome, Jeronimo, Jermalicious & of course Fox, yeah, don't ask or feed him :)

Anthony Risessco
Anthony (Rustic) Rissesco
Anthony (fiddle/violin, vocals): Anthony is a versatile violin player and teacher, experienced in all styles of playing from classical violin to traditional fiddle and often plays with Merimac as a 5th member or when requested for various functions & festivals.

He tours regularly with singer Lennie Gallant and is also a member of the Halifax band The Gig Dogs. As a music student at Dalhousie University, Anthony studied classical violin under Phillippe Djokic. He has won fiddle competitions throughout Canada, including the Maritime Fiddle Championship. In 1990, he came third in the prestigious Canadian Open in Shelburne Ontario, and he was chosen to represent Nova Scotia at the Grand Masters Competition in Ottawa for six consecutive years.

Anthony has played with Symphony Nova Scotia, Bruce Guthro, Cyril MacPhee, Anne Murray, and Peggy Seeger.  Has been with "on call" as 5th member with Merimac since 2006!    Check out a sample of his playing here

Ashford (Sandy) Crawford

Ashford (piano, keys, hammond, fiddle, bass, mandolin)  When asked why he is not a front man Ashford replied “I am the lipstick and rouge on a pretty face, I am not the pretty face; I am a sideman with lot's of love”. Originally from Nine Mile River, now residing is Cow Bay. He is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist playing music for 30 years. Ashford has shared the stage and performed with many musicians all over Canada and in Europe playing music styles such as: Country, Rock, Pop, Traditional, Celtic, Zadico, Bluegrass and Blues. He is most comfortable sitting at his piano with a great vocalist in front of him.  His sound is smooth with a power rock feel but when his fiddle comes out, Traditional and country roots show through.  Has been with "on call" as 5th member with Merimac since 2008!  Very friendly and not as furry as seen above.


Shane (Angel) Timmins

Shane (Bass, harmonies): Playing with Merimac part-time since 2010, Shane hails from the Shire of Dartmouth. 

He wields a bass axe sharpened for the task and has a voice kind of like an angel, maybe not the most beautiful angel but one that you would say "Hey that's pretty good angel voice". Shane brings a seasoned and professional presence to any situation he is part of.  Whether its arranging/producing, session work, playing the pubs throughout Canada or opening for such acts as Taylor Swift and Jason Blaine, Shane is seen backing the best.  Oh yeah, he gets his head stuck in things sometimes...

Click here for Honorary Part-time Merimac Members and others who have been with us in the past!