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Thanks for choosing Merimac!

Our basic rate includes many extras other entertainers may not supply such as our awesome, high-end sound system, comprehensive lighting and some FX lights, automated DJ and more. However if you really want to spice things up and add more services, fill out the following and Meri-MAX your experience! We will create a rough quote below and get back to you via email or phone to get you a more precise quote and discounts where possible.

1. DO-IT-ALL Technician

Do you need someone to be a Johnny-do-it-all who is there to help everyone with anything/ everything including?

  • Queue background music and wedding entrance songs?
  • Turn microphones up and down during speeches?
  • Run your PowerPoint presentation?
  • Someone to take lots of DJ requests between sets?
  • Take some basic videos and/or photography?
  • Help the band create the best sound on the fly?
  • Run unforeseen errands

2. Meri-MAX Your Experience (Additional Music Talent)

3. Live Music & Entertainment for Ceremonies, Entrances, Cocktails, Dinner, Etc.

Adding a single, duo or trio combos of Fiddler/Violinist, Pianist, Bag Piper, Acoustic Guitarist, Harpsicord or Violin Quartet can create a very classy or tradition feel during cocktails, seating, walking down the aisle, exiting ceremonies and during dinner. If you hire a Fiddler or Keyboardist for the main Merimac show, it allows for a discounted day rate which we can quote you after. We can leave a pre-set background song list playing free of charge where the band sound system is setup however you or someone from the catering staff will likely need to pause or adjust the volume during any speeches. You can also hire one of our dedicated techs to look after this and several other helpful tasks. *Prices include sound equipment.

4. Long Duration / Extended Entertainment

Do you intend on entertaining your clan all week, day or night or for additional placements beyone the stage and dance floor? Keep the party going! We can offer our talent for:

  • During the days before or after your big event! Kitchen, patio party or conference room.
  • Single musician, duo or trio (any combination of instruments and or vocals).
  • Center stage or background, Live Maritime music and classic pub favs.
  • Comedian, magician, DJ, Video DJ, Karaoke or movies.
  • Select from a variety of great Maritime musicians & performers.
  • Prices usually include sound equipment, lighting, etc.

5. Bag Piper & Drums

Dressed in traditional skirt uniform, adds an exciting traditional dimension! Add a strong Maritime presence & “zing” when your guests arrive on site or throughout the day & evening. A 15 second Bag Piper blast as announcers and speakers walk up to podium and for signaling conference changeovers, dinner etc. When present the Bag piper(s) can “open” Merimac and play along for the first few songs.

6. Dancers

Secure Highland dancers for your show! They can be a standalone act or incorporated with the Merimac music show!

7. DJs

Looking for something laid back or a full rave party? We find the best DJ for your demographic. * Prices below could be less if sound and lighting is already provided by Merimac.

8. Karaoke.

Have some interactive fun with each other singing your favorite tunes. Includes screen for words and dedicated operator/ singer to get the party going! Wide selection of Karaoke music to choose from.

9. Light It Up

Do you need simple mood lighting, a classic club disco light or full concert-level special FX?. Choose those features you’d like to include for your event:

10. Capture the Moment

Secure professional photographers/ videographers for your event or to simply document your presentations or meetings. We offer everything from a basic audio recording of your conference/meetings, to a budget single camera operator delivering raw footage to a full-spectrum multi-camera setup with 2-3 professional operators and pro post production video editing. If you’re looking for some photography and videography together, it might be possible to have one Photographer do both for a reduced rate. Note there are some VERY well known Photographers and Videographers more expensive than listed below that we can also recommend if you’re interested.

Record Audio

11. Mixologists / Bartenders

We work with the very best mixologists in metro. We can provide:

12. Multimedia

Create a Multimedia/ PowerPoint presentation with content specifically for your event. We can create the content or you can provide us with your photo, video, word docs, MP3s & ideas to us and we'll create what your audience will love!

13. Guests who cannot attend your event?

Webcast or cast Facebook live video of your event to all your friends & relatives around the world. Project guests from afar on the projector screen and allow them to speak to your event guests through a sound system. Includes our high-end camera, web distribution, technical setup and equipment (*if in same room as Merimac is performing).

14. Rent Equipment / Presentation Utilities

Travel Expense Calculator

Prices are based on an event held in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). Venues outside the city are subject to additional travel expenses at a rate of $54/hr per person ($27 travel plus $27). If your event is outside HRM, you can get an estimate of the travelling costs by confirm the city/town where your event is held:

Confirm the City/Postal/Zip of your event

*Estimated pricing will be confirmed during a final review with your sales coordinator after your application is reviewed and prior to finalizing your booking.