Honorary Member Bios
- Who have occasionally fill in or have played with Merimac in the past.
Merimac has been blessed to have had some wonderfully talented musicians over the past
10 Years.  Eddie has been with the band from the inception and Craig has been here
since year 3.  Some fellas moved away, some got  busy with young families and daytime
businesses.   In 2001 Eddie, Rob & Tim played as 3 piece while quickly becoming so
busy, we added a 3rd singer Joey Campbell for about year until Joey & Tim both moved
to Ontario for their families and daytime careers.  Bruce Filmore (lead vocal, Gary
Campbell (Guitar) & Henry (Keys) joined the band and by this time the band was in full
swing playing much more then most of the fellas could handle with their very forgiving
day jobs. The band enjoyed audience record shows at many popular venues.  After a
couple crazy years the fellas had to take more and more time off from the band and
eventually our fill-ins (Keith Marum, Geoff Fleming & Amad) became full-time with the
band and as this was their primary focus for work, we played a solid 150 nights per
year for several years all over the Maritimes, Ontario & Eastern State side.  During
this busy time Peter McDonald starting to fill in for Craig who has always had an
intense day job.  From about this time until 2009 Peter played bass with us most of
the time.  Around 2006 Ryan Hawes joined the band and Merimac enjoyed another solid
string of shows throughout Ontario and beyond.  Chris replaced Keith as our full-time
guitarist around 2008 until fall 2012.  In late 2009 Peter was unable to play bass
full-time and Craig came back from part-time to full-time once again!  In 2011 Andrew
and Kevin Bohaychuk sang part-time as Ryan Hawes was busy with the family business and
starting a new family of his own.  In the winter of 2013 Eddie decided to take off 2
months, redoing his recording studio and reinvent Merimac unto it's latest quests for
great music.  Jeremy joined in early 2013 followed by Luke a few months later.   The
reports on the band are absolutely as fantastic as ever!  - "Merimac has always been a
top contender but this is by far the best version we have ever heard" - Randy (veteran
sound man at The Alehouse and former Palace Halifax, July 2014)  
There are several details worth mentioning about some awesome fill-ins we've had throughout the years.  Like Joe Butcher who's played with so many of the world's greats.  It's been a fantastic melting pot to give and take talents from such guys.  Also there have been a few spin off bands such as Scully - a part-time band for a few years in Halifax with Rob, Bruce & Gary.  Mac & Hawes a part-time 2 piece band that has played around Halifax private parties and shows.  Chris and Andrew formed a band as well.  Peter

Ryan Hawes

Ryan Hawes (Vcl/ rhythm Gtr, Harmonica) - Born and raised in Cole Harbour N.S. Ryan has been in the music seen for over a decade. Playing and studying with Halifax musicians such as Terry Kelly, Bruce Nobel, Lifted, and Eye’s Moving.

Woody wood PeckerWhile completing his degree at Saint Mary’s university Ryan had established an entertaining solo show, performing in the HRM area. With two successful years playing and managing Halifax pub band “Lifted” Ryan is sure to be recognized on stage jammin' with the boy’s of Merimac. Ryan has been a regular fill in for Merimac for 2003-2008 and is now making his way full-time.  With his energetic live performance, quick wittedness and oddball sense of humor, all are sure to have an awesome time singin' the night away with Ryan.  Ryan has also been known to sell his childhood hobby items and his award-winning Parisian based Men & Women's Lingerie during the show and while on break.  Don't miss this spectacle.



Chris Iannetti

Chris (Lead Guitar) - An accomplished guitar player has shared the stage with the likes of Bruce Guthro, Sons of Maxwell, Mike Cowie and Gary Beals. In addition to his work as a full time performing musician, he also keeps busy running his recording studio. He has produced records for many Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and R&B artists including Jamie Sparks Juno nominated “Unforgettable” and ECMA award winning recordings such as Jamie’s “Gonna Get Down” and Kicksta Music Group’s “Scotia Mix Volume One”.

Chris has been playing with Merimac since January 2008 and now plays part time.

Peter McDonald (Tito Gigantis)

Peter MacDonald (Bass) - born in a boat, somewhere off the coast of Peru.  Shortly after his birth, a terrible storm churned the seas and the boat was overturned, tossing him and his parents into the ferocious water.  Miraculously, instead of plunging into the unforgiving seas, Peter had been thrown directly onto the back of a dolphin. The dolphin quickly swam away and Peter was carried for hours. By the time the storm had ended, they approached the shore of an island. The dolphin gently set the Peter the infant down upon some rocks; just out of reach of the lapping water. As his dolphin savoir submerged into the blue, the sound of heavy footsteps filled the air. Giant shadows fell over Peter's diminutive frame. Four immense men, perhaps 10 feet in height, stood above him looking curiously at this unlikely castaway. The largest man picked up the child and they marched into the jungle, single file.

Over the next 18 years Peter was raised by giants as one of their own.
He had an adopted mother and father, and was an accepted member of the small jungle village. Peter had a hard time fitting in, as the smallest villager. The one thing that proved to be the perfect catalyst for making friends was music; particularly guitar. Peter acquired a crude guitar from a musical family in the village.. although, like everything else, it was extremely large.  In spite of this handicap, he became quite good, and would often have people gather in the middle of town for jam sessions.

At 18, Peter grew bored of the village and decided to seek his fortune. He traveled alone.. playing music through South America, learning flamenco in Mexico and discovering blues
and rock through the southern States. He kept going farther and farther up and along the east coast until he reached Nova Scotia. There, he found an ad for a busy band needing an experienced bass player. Peter didn't know what a bass was, so he purchased one. He found that it was the same size, and felt the same as the giant guitar he had been playing for so long!   Peter got the gig, and now plays bass for Merimac.

In addition to Merimac, Peter plays with Beatles tribute band, Abbey Road. He has played with/shared the stage with The Trews, Natalie McMaster, Bruce Gouthro, and many more.


Andrew Kazmel

Andrew Kazmel (Vcl/ Rhythm Gtr)

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Andrew and his family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1990 and has called it home ever since.  Having a family history in the music industry, Andrew felt compelled at a young age to pick up a guitar and start playing/performing for friends and family.

While studying at Saint Mary’s University, Andrew and some friends hosted the weekly Open Mic NightThis drew the attention of a few local Halifax performers and by 2003 Andrew was playing full time as rhythm guitarist for local Halifax band Barnacle.  Andrew has been a regular fill in member for Halifax based group known as the PLUGS and for a brief time in 2004 was a rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for local singer song-writer Amy Kelly. In 2006 he fronted a Halifax based band called RUBY PIER.


Andrew took a few years off however returned to the music scene in Halifax in 2011 as a fill-in member for MERIMAC.
Maritimes and beyond.

Keith Marum
Keith (Guitarzilla, Guitarzan) Marum (Guitar and harmony)-   One of the most recognized lead guitars in the Maritime scene, Keith earned his nick-names from many top players on the scene.  Keith's background includes much of main stream Rock & Country music providing him a strong foundation for Merimac's versatile song list. Keith has played with such bands as Young Country & Montana.

 This is one reptile who knows his scales.

Rich Aucoin
Rich (Keys) - Part indie-rock preacher, part wonder-kind Rich Aucoin has built his name in Canada's music scene. His success has brought him to Countries like France, UK, and USA. Rich's music can be categorized from Electronic to Rock and often is nominated in multiple categories at award shows. He is a master at getting the crowd involved during a show and was always a good time when he played with Merimac
Amad has moved to Saudi Arabia for awhile! Too sad but all the best our friend!
Amad (Fateh El-mekki) 
Amad (Keys) - Now plays for Bob Marley's original band, The famed Wailers on tour through North America, he stays in touch with the fellas and still does the odd jam!  Attending primary school levels where he was exceptionally successful in musical studies and activities, he was highly influenced by Beethoven’s music and performed Egmont overture on piano at the age of eight.  The same year he wrote his first musical piece in F-major, his piano teacher M.Salin noticed that I had such a great potential for learning and composing music which dramatically influenced the musical journey, during the course of the next 8 years he was taught to play J.S Bach toccata and fugue in d-minor, Antonin Devorak, Symphony from the new world, light cavalry written by Franz von suppe and many other classical works for G.Rossini.

At age fourteen he won an award as the pianist of the year, the event was held in Al-shuikh Intermediate School as well as other hours musical certificates. by the age of 18 he was well known among musicians and was asked by Prinices Al-Jawhara to write an obea concerto. Latter on he managed to compose 106 musical pieces dedicated to many musical forms, some were written for TV commercials and movies in Saudi Arabia while others are written for video games and musical production for artists,and Animators.  Those compositions include 8 symphonies, 3 violin and cello concerto written in various scales, 50 hip-hop and Rap music- 20 dance and techno,  16 jazz/ blues styles , 17 pop and reggae songs.  Eventually one of these tracks turned up to become a third place winning song at the Maritime grown band competition in 2004, The Chase was the hit by his band REAL that took over 400 local bands in the Maritime
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Joe Butcher (Bassist, Backing Vocals) - Has plays with many famous Maritime & International Artists such as Aaron Carter.

Geoff Fleming

Geoff Fleming (Guitar, lead vocal, rhythm guitar)- Seasoned pro in the pub music market.  As theguitarist & lead / background vocalist for Barnacle, Geoff had the opportunity to tour twice across Canada with an Alexander Keith's beer sponsorship.  Geoff was also afforded the opportunity of a life time, which took him and his band mates to Washington D.C to perform at the prestigious Hall of Americas for the Canadian Ambassador, as well as two hundred Chilean delegates.  Barnacle also had an impromptu jam at the Canadian Embassy during this visit. 

With this experience behind him Geoff moved forward to begin a new chapter by forming a new band called Pub Soda, which successfully toured across Canada.  Some performances to note; 2002 Nokia Brier in Halifax, Caribbean Kitchen Ceilidh in the Dominican Republic, Alexander Keith's birthday party (2001-2002), Labbatt sales conference 2000 (Montreal) and 2002 (Calgary).  With a tremendous musical history, Geoff looks forward to this new and exiting opportunity that Merimac has offered him.  Cheers to the future!

  Joey Campbell

Joey Campbell (Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica) - Joey is known as the partyster/ songster. He's got more tunes than Stompin’ Tom Connors and say's he dreams in notes (whatever that means). He is so good looking that a picture here will not do him justice. You have to come to the gig to really appreciate him. Be sure to ask him for his autograph ...

Tim Fairfield

Tim Fairfield (Guitarist and keyboardist) - Has been songwriting and recording for over 16 years. He covered Lead, Electric, and Acoustic Guitars and back-up bass vocals. When called upon he would also make stupid noises such as the barking dog in "Old Black Rum"  The highlight of his evening is a ripping extended guitar lead at an unexpected moment. Don't miss it! He studied music at St. FX for 2 years where he mastered many of skills he posses today.  He has also studied Jazz and Composition under Bob Mccarthy at Acadia University and with Trumpeter/composer, Randall Hoover. Over the years, Tim has played guitar and trombone in various Jazz combos and orchestras. Tim writes and records with acclaimed MP3.com fusion/blues instrumental group "Upper GI".  Tim's extensive background in formal music studies lets him dictate on-the-fly add-ons making every performance memorable.
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Dave Bradshaw (Guitarist, fiddle player & vocalist) - Has been song writing and recording for over 14 years. He studied music at St. FX and over the years Dave has played guitar and fiddle with many bands.  Dave always gets the band up and going with some mean grooves.
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Greg Simms (Guitar, bass & mandolin) - Has had an extensive career playing with many well known Maritime icons.   Greg had also played on very popular "up home tonight" TV show for 2 years.
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Brian Zinc (Bassist, Backing Vocals) - Plays with the band Barnacle.  Brian is easy to identify as he can never put down his instrument for more than a moment.

Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell (Electric/Acoustic guitar and harmonies) - After returning to Halifax 6 years ago, Gary had played with many bands in Australasia in the 80s.  Gary also spent some time in stage shows playing guitar for shows such as Follow the Star and Fiddler on the Roof.

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