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Video on FB St. Patty's Day.  Be advised of coarse language- Take into account that there are no boundaries on St. Patty's Day!  FB Video
Yet another wild night in PEI (Conference).

 Toronto was a blast, playing for more than 1000 Beer reps is a party on party on super stun.   Merimac performed at the Phoenix Concert Theater which has hosted the like of The Rolling Stones, Metallica and several other huge bands and is simply a delight to play at.  Merimac also played at The Sheraton Center earlier in the morning promoting Keith's.   More photos on "Photo Gallery"

New Years' Eve was a fun show and the first few weeks of January have been very busy.
Dec. 27th - Alehouse- another crazy couple of nights.

Oct. 13th - UPEI - our 2nd time there this semester, a fun nutty bunch!
Oct. 9th ' - The legend, highly acclaimed Gold & Platinum Rock & Pop Producer Dale Penner (Right), who has produced Nickleback, Holly McNarland, Matthew Good Band, Econoline Crush and several other big time acts returns to Eddie's studio for the second week to finish recording Sheva's new Album.  Below Eddie is entranced by Dale's legend and wealth of rock wisdom (not to mention the 40 ouncer shared just prior to the photo).

New Shirts

July 30th - Olde Dublin - A fun weekend as always.  We've just learned that Much music has been running a clip on rotation that Peter, Eddie & Keith recorded at Speakers Corner in Oct. '05!  Keep an eye open for us singing an acapella! 
July 14th - Highland Games
Awesome crowd, pictures will be posted soon!
July 5th -
NFL Complete - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  NFL was hard on the system but so much fun.   Video Clip.
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see MP3s & Videos.
June 20th - Ryan appears on Canadian Idol again!

June 12th - Ryan appears on Canadian Idol and ranks top 40

June 3rd - Fun Fest at the Trenton Rink.  It's Trenton's first major party event of the year!  Merimac starts at 10:00 PM. 
May 20th, '06 - rates #1 "Merimac" and "Band for Hire Canada"  for name searches! has had this rating for over 6 months now.  Go ahead and try it!
May 13th, '06  - Merimac plays the Alehouse (pics here) with guests Kevin (formerly of Fortune's Hand) for the Fri. & Sat. as Ryan Hawes is flown in to TO for round two of Canadian Idle.  Ryan makes top 40 in Canadian Idol but forgets words in a song which the judges didn't appreciate.  Hey Ryan, it's just like playing with Merimac!  A rare night to behold, both Merimac's bass players,  Peter and Craig play together on stage.  Of course Shawn from the Alehouse sings a few.  And the hottest Latino star east of Ont., Yoanis Roche from Caliente Entertainment sings a couple Latin Merengue songs.  The Alehouse was absolutely jammed and jammin.  A crew of about 20 people go back to Craig's place to continue the party 'till Sunday afternoon.
May 1st, '06 - Merimac voted best party band in the Maritimes by Maritime Music Central with worst website content including news, updates, ph
otos & downloads.  (We celebrate that, yet say we're are sorry!).

Jan. 26th, '06 - in between sets at Cheers Eddie and meets some of the boys from Great Big Sea again.  Last time I seen them in person was when we were playing at the Alehouse.  They later popped in The Alehouse to catch part of our set.
Jan. 13th, '06 -
Another fun Thursday night playing at the Old Dublin in PEI.  We have noticed that there are a lot of musicians watching and cheering us on here tonight.  As we tiredly get off stage for the night, the members from Headley come up to say hello and hang out with us for awhile.  Some manager guy comes up and starts bugging Eddie & Ryan about playing more and having "some guy" come up and play with us.   Eddie chuckles "not likely,we're done for the night".  Then Rex Gowdie introduces himself to Eddie and says "great show, keep it up".  Someone later explains to Eddie who Rex Gowdie is and Eddie feels bad but mentions it was fun telling the "big manager" to "buzz off"!  Peter McDonald who couldn't make it with us this weekend stays in Halifax and ends up hanging out with The Black Eyed peas for hours after he gets them to believe he's a reporter for a major paper back stage! (no kidding!)
Oct. 10th, 05 -
Our gigs in T.O, Allentown, PA and Manhattan we're incredible!  Eddie & Peter were just getting out of the subway from visiting Ground Zero when authorities received a terrorist alert for the subway and shut it down.  Geoff misses his morning flight to the gig to Pennsylvania and rebooks other for after. Click here for all the photos and out-of-town stories.  Merimac receives several other gig offers in the States.
Aug, 05 - Merimac is selected as backing band for country star JD Clark with #10 hit in Country Music Canada.  We opened for Jason McCoy for several thousand in Cape Breton, NS. 
Major loss in news here because of server crash......


Oct. 28th, 03 - Offers to play in Regina!
Oct. 20th, 03 - While playing our first set at the Split Crow, we all find serious problems with our instruments.  Bruce breaks a string 1st song, Our guitarist sites a major crack between the neck and body of guitar, Eddie punches hole in tom-tom & breaks bass drum pedal.  The bass amp makes unpredictable alien sounds.  Oh yeah and Henry doesn't show for first set due to bicycle problems!  We all buckle down and make due.  Hey guys, do you think anyone out there noticed?

Oct.15th, 03 - Our first international gig!  Atlanta, Georgia!  After much debate within the provinces as to which band will best reflect the spirit of the Maritimes at one of the largest Atlantic Canada's business conferences of the year, Merimac is chosen to play
and entertains with smashing success.  An excellent number of people attend & stay at the event.  Merimac plays for 2 & 1/2 hours straight without a break.  The Atlantic Canada event completely out shines Ontario's effort.  Many new opportunities to play conferences in the U.S. have begun!
Oct.13th - After waking up mid-flight to Atlanta, Bruce is told he snores very loudly by the lady sitting next to him.
Oct.10th - Merimac receives offer to play in Cancun, Mexico!
Oct.1st - We get the go ahead for Atlanta!
Sept.15th - Merimac starts plans for their first Album.

Aug,08th - Bruce sucks back an entire helium filled balloon and chats it up with the audience. Later says he'll never do it again.

July 3/03 - Our good friends The Trailer Park Boys make a regular stop in to see Merimac at the Alehouse, Producer Mike Clattenburg plays a few songs on Eddie's Kit. Eddie takes center stage. As a kid, Eddie used to watch Mike play drums outdoors, jammin' with all the kids in the neighborhood.
June30th/03 Sad News. With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week.  Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully, in his sleep, at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.
June15th/03 - Get our first discussion board.
May./03 - Merimac's regular fill in bass player Joe Butcher, Bassist
extraordinaire leaves Canada to play with famed Aaron Carter (Younger Brother of Backstreet Boys) for an undetermined amount of time.  Damn extremely famous "artist" stealing our buddy...
June/03 - And again, Scott Boyd from BT calls to ask for Merimac on the show again. We shall soon reappear!
June./03 - Platinum Blond shows up at the Alehouse.
April./03 - Molson Canada sponsors Merimac! - Click here for more.  
March.16/03 - The Trailer Park Boys pop in to see us at the Alehouse and Bubbles plays some guitar with us on stage.
Feb.28/03 - Scott Boyd from BT calls to ask for Merimac on the show again.
Jan.12/03 - Merimac has just played 14 nights between Dec.26th to Jan.11th, Rob was off most nights, Our vocals are in need of rest.
Jan.05/03 Late at the Alehouse, Eddie Fisher meet's Tootoo, who played for Canada at the World Juniors, and has a beer with him!
Jan..4/03 - Wait, who's in the audience? Great Big Sea... watching us at the Alehouse?  After about a half hour of being bombarded by everyone for autographs, Great Big Sea finally leaves but mentions to the door man "the band's great but the crowd's getting rough".  Funny thing was we probably played about 3 Great Big Sea songs for them in the time they were there!
Nov.4th - Again Bruce gets very sick after an allergic reaction to drinking beer and swears never again..
Nov./02 - Merimac plays on BT for the first time.
Sept.3rd/02 - Bruce gets very sick after drinking too much beer and says never again.
Sept.2nd/02 - Bruce joins Band.
Aug. /02 - Merimac receives offer to play for the troops (NATO) in Bosnia! But turns down offer due to schedule conflicts.

PHOTOS 2006 - 2008  (Click Thumbnails)

Dartmouth Waterfront

Sheraton Center & Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto
Off the plane to the Sheraton Center View from the Sheraton

Eddie & Keith at Grace O'Malley's Outside of Phoenix center.

Merimac with Maritime Keith's Reps in Phoenix

The morning after at The Sunset Grill   The flight back

We aren't sure where these are from!


St. John, NB Feb. '06
For lack of mix Peter asks for many Lime
PHOTOS 2003 - 2005

Allentown PA Oct.'06

Dalhousie University

Eddie Talking to John in Cuba      The Split Crow 

A narrow neck keeps the bottle from being emptied in one swig.
Craig's tongue is stuck again     
PHOTOS 2001 - 2002
Street Party Street Party 5.JPG (85080 bytes)Street Party 1.JPG (63050 bytes)   

A man that can't laugh at himself should be given a mirror.
Merimac Chillin' at the WTC     Merimac in Truro Medium Size  Merimac BT1 (58K)