"I'm with the band"

Take a piece of Merimac home with you and be with the band today!

Most people have commented that most drinks such beer taste much better, their sense of perception improves and generally feel a sense of well-being while wearing the shirt.  It goes without saying you should be able to achieve better results while listening to music.

  These are high quality Navy Blue T-shirts (they appear more black in the photos below).

Merimac Apparel

Prices, Selection and Quantity - Buy 5 or more of any sizes and save!

1 - 4 Shirts
16$ each
5 - 9 Shirts
13.50$ each
10 - 24 Shirts
12$ each
25 Shirts and over
11$ each
$4.00 CND per shirt
United States
$4.50 CND per shirt

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Merimac Shirt Front
Front - "I'm with the band"
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Merimac Shirt Back
Back - logo w Merimac.ca
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