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Merimac Performance Clips 

We realize our media is quite old and we have grown so much!  We're working on some new downloads, can't wait!

Here are some audio & video clips of Merimac in action:


Videos Clips: Videos may take patience for download even with broadband.  Right click on video links and use "save as"  to save file to your desktop.  Dial up connections should only attempt LoFi videos.  Feel free to email any comments.  

 LoFi - for slow connections or fastest download.



Merimac Newfie Trip (35MB (Length: 4:45) (June, '06 in NFLD)
Merimac hanging out.  You won't see Merimac playing here but the backing tracks are us live. 

 LoFi - for slow connections or fastest download.

HiFi- Slow download, best quality.

Merimac_Heave_Away_LoFi.mpg (29MB (Length: 3:05)
 (Recorded April, '04 at The Halifax Alehouse)

Merimac_Heave_Away_HiFi.mpg (85MB (Length: 3:05)
 (Recorded April, '04 at The Halifax Alehouse)

Merimac_Patty Murphy_Clip_LoFi.mpg
 (12M)  (Length: 30sec)

Nov. '03 MP3 clip of Live Jam featuring Joe Butcher on Bass. (Length: 4:50) This is probably not the type of Jam we'd play at a private event unless someone requested it!  It is just a Live Lo-Fi capture of a first time improve funk/breakbeat jam.

These first three songs below were recorded May '01 at Compact Audio.  

1.  Merimac - The night Patty Murphy died.mp3 - Traditional    
2.  Merimac - Home for a rest.mp3  - Spirit of the west

3.  Merimac - 3 am.mp3  - Matchbox 20

These four songs were recorded Sept. '99 just as the band & Compact Audio started out.
1.  Merimac - Runaround.mp3  - Blues Traveler (file size: 2.54M)
.  Merimac - Livin la vida clip.mp3  - Ricky Martin (file size: 1.96M )
3 Merimac - Could you be loved clip.mp3  - Bob Marley (file size: 2.95M)
Merimac - All been Done clip.mp3  - Bare Naked Ladies (file size: 1.91M)

Problems opening files? Right click on link and use "save as"  to save file to your desktop.  This will make a copy of the video or mp3 to use offline (Recommended).  Or left click on a link and a video or mp3 should start streaming within a minute or so (depending on video player used & connection speed).