4 Seldom-used Ideas To Make Your Private Event Unforgettable


Even with the best of intentions and after months of planning to choose the perfect menu and decor, some events eventually turn into a snooze fest. Whether you are organizing a corporate event or a private wedding anniversary party, here are a few ideas to keep your guests entertained:

Hire a mentalist:

Mentalists use a variety of techniques like psychology, hypnosis, cold reading, NLP and other subtle skills of observation to read the audience’s mind and create an illusion of possessing a sixth sense. If you are looking to make your party extra special, hire a mentalist and magician for a humorous and mind-blowing show. With their psychic tricks and amazing stunts – they’ll surely leave a lasting impression throughout the event!

Hire a mariachi band:

Mariachi music ranges from slow ballads to upbeat, energetic numbers. These groups range in size and the type of music they play and are very popular for weddings, baptisms, and private birthday parties.

Hire a live band:

There are several live wedding bands in Canada offering to keep guests entertained. You can get them to play songs associated with the theme of the party. Over the years, we have played at countless events, including weddings, corporate events, festivals, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations, allowing our clients to choose from an eclectic range of music. From classic rock to reggae, Celtic, R&B, country and Latin, we bring a variety of influences to the table.

A stand-up comedian:

Entertainment is the key to success for any party, and a stand-up comedian can ensure that you’ll never fail to impress. Stand up comedy is all about knowing your audience and improvising as you go. It can help keep your audience in a light hearted, laughing mood.

There are so many other entertainment ideas – choose one that suits the occasion and your budget!