5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Music

Choose The Right Wedding Music – Live Entertainment Bands

A wedding without music is boring! Whether you love country music or prefer R&B, the right music can take your wedding to the next level. From choosing the first dance song to picking the playlist for a wedding reception, here are a few things you should remember:

Choosing music for your first dance:

The first dance as a couple is an iconic moment in any wedding – it’s the first dance of your married life! You could choose something intimate or opt for a perfectly choreographed roaring dance routine. Some songs may seem cliché, but they may never go out of fashion – there’s a reason why they’re considered classics. But if you and your partner prefer a slightly contemporary song, go for it! Feel free to think outside the box!

Check with the venue providers before you choose a playlist:

Certain venues are very strict about certain songs being played. Sometimes, your choice is restricted to religious songs, and sometimes you will have to restrict yourself to instrumental music.

Hire live entertainment bands:

Live entertainment bands add a lot of fun to the wedding reception. Choose bands that offer a wide repertoire of music and cater to different age brackets so that everyone gets to be a part of the celebrations. From Pop, Rock, Country, Dance to R&B & Reggae, Merimac specializes in a wide range of music. In fact, we’re quite popular for our Celtic songs – people love our Irish/Scottish accent!

Speak to the band before hiring them:

Live wedding bands in Canada are expensive; it’s important to do some research before you spend your hard-earned money. Check with them if they have a demo about the different ensembles they can play. You could also attend a function that they’ll be playing to hear them live.

Start early:

The secret to coming up with a dream playlist is starting early. It takes time to narrow down choices and get the music in order so that it flows the way you want.  If the band is popular and well established, you may wish for them to take the reins to use their experience to please your crowd but give them some direction, tell them your guests’ demographics and your favorites!

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