5 Tips To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Interesting

5 Tips To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Interesting

Choosing to host an outdoor wedding can be fun, but challenging as well. Whether you choose a rocky ocean shore wedding or prefer the familiarity of your backyard, outdoor weddings require a lot of planning. You can, however, follow these tips to make it interesting.

Inform everyone beforehand:

You could slip in information on the invite with a simple note, telling them that the ceremony/reception will be on the lawn (or any other place). This ensures that they come prepared appropriately and enjoy every moment of the wedding. Remember to keep a couple of pairs of flip flops for guests, just in case they’re not wearing the right shoes, or need them for dancing.

Level the ground:

You can’t put out chairs and tables on an uneven floor. Make sure that the ground is flat, especially if you plan to put out a dance floor. You could either add a subfloor or make other arrangements to make sure that floral arrangements or food tables don’t tip over.

Keep guests entertained:

Live entertainment bands are perfect for outdoor weddings. It adds an element of sophistication to the event and is sure to get everyone excited. At Merimac, we bring our PA systems, speakers, and other equipment – you don’t have to worry about a thing! We also discuss ideas for live music with clients; Celtic, Country, Pop Rock and current Dance are popular choices.

Keep guests comfortable:

Depending on the weather outside, you will have to make arrangements for guests to make sure that they’re comfortable. If it’s a little cold outside, serve hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks to keep them warm. Provide blankets if it’s going to be cold. Hire a food truck for some late-night snacks if the reception is likely to continue until late in the night. Bite-sized burgers, mini pizzas, funnel cakes, mac, and cheese, etc. are popular choices.

Have a Plan B:

Unless you are very sure about the weather, it’s important to have a backup plan.

An outdoor wedding requires a lot of planning, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

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