5 Unique Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding

5 Unique Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a perfect wedding reception, entertainment ideas must be featured prominently. This is certainly an aspect where you cannot cut corners, especially if you want guests to remember your wedding for long after your special day. Here are a few unique ideas to prevent your wedding reception from becoming a snooze fest:

Live Entertainment Bands:

Hire a local live band to make the reception special. While there are plenty of party bands for hire, the trick is to choose a group who can take the entertainment factor to the next level! Merimac has been performing at weddings for over a decade, and know how to keep a party going. We’re particularly popular for our Celtic/Maritime accent especially among people looking to showcase Maritime heritage.

Hire a DJ:

A good DJ can help to set the tone of the wedding and create a very groovy ambience. Be sure to discuss with the DJ about the genres that best reflect your personality and the mood you would like to create. But the DJ you hire should have a commanding stage presence – a boring DJ with no personality can be a huge party killer. Besides, not all DJs use professional lighting and sound equipment, killing the party atmosphere.

Themed Band:

A 70’s or 80’s band for hire is a sure shot way to get everyone on the dance floor. A Journey’s or John Mellencamp styled Rock n Roll; Ray Charles inspired Blues, or a Johnny Cash styled Country music is a great idea if they’re your guilty pleasure.

Entertainment for the Children:

Keeping children entertained is very important if you want the adults to enjoy your wedding. You could either set up a special activity booth for kids with plenty of fun activities like drawing, puzzles, etc. or arrange for the live band to schedule a kids-only time on the dance floor.

Photo Booths:

Photo booths are fun and very popular at weddings. You aren’t just creating memories for guests, you’re keeping them entertained and enjoying sharing those memories with each other.

Use these ideas if you want your guests to remember your wedding for years!