Ashford (Manly) Crawford

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Piano, Keys, Hammond, Fiddle, Bass, Mandolin

When asked why he is not a front man, Ashford replied “I am the lipstick and rouge on a pretty face, I am not the pretty face; I am a sideman with lot’s of love”.

Originally from Nine Mile River, now residing is Cow Bay,  Nova Scotia, Ashford is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist playing music for over 30 years.

Ashford has shared the stage and performed with many musicians all over Canada and in Europe playing music styles such as: Country, Rock, Pop, Traditional, Celtic, Zadico, Bluegrass and Blues. He is most comfortable sitting at his piano with a great vocalist in front of him.  His sound is smooth with a power rock feel but when his fiddle comes out, Traditional and country roots show through.  He has been an “on call” member with Merimac since 2008.