Eddie (Mac) Fisher

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Operations, Drums & Lead Vocals

This Tom Hanks look-alike has been compared to the likes of Don Henley of the Eagles and Phil Collins to sing lead while keeping a very mean groove on the drums. A 2nd generation drummer/ singer, (father sang & played pro more than 20 years throughout Canada) Eddie continues the affair for the past 15 years professionally.

For 3 years in South America, Eddie performed, recorded and wrote extensively with several world-class Latin pop-rock bands opening concerts for world renown stars with crowds in excess of 40,000 people.  Also playing with many Halifax-based bands such as recording artist Barnacle, Banafrica with fellow musician Jamie Sparks, P.F Station (later Jimmy Swift Band) – an all-original funk rock group, Blue Bay, Lana Grant and Blueberry Grunt.

Eddie lends his diverse musical experiences to the band recreating many of Merimac’s tunes with a distinct, original groove.