Jamie Geddes

  • pink hat bass
  • pink hat rock bass

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jamie started his music career directly out of High School as a piano/rhythm guitar player with the cover band, Mother’s Cry. Jamie is one of the founding members of the early 2000’s modern rock band HUMAN, where he settled into his true love, the bass guitar. HUMAN’s debut album scored them distribution, national radio play, an ECMA in 2003 for Rock Band of the Year, playing many accredited festivals and sharing the stage, opening and touring with bands Three Days Grace, Big Sugar, The Trews just to name a few.

Jamie also played bass, touring with “Sheva”, local artist from NS, touring across Canada and the USA. He then moved into the rock band, 7 Mile Stare, where he recorded and toured for 4 years.

….And you wonder how I started playing bass with Merimac from time to time????  The one common bond with all of these bands is Eddie Fisher, who recorded my bass tracks with every one of these bands and artists