Michael Lloyd


Michael Lloyd, originally from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, has been embarking on his musical career since the age of 10 years old.  After getting his first guitar for Christmas in 2005 and working effortlessly at playing, it was inevitable that Michael would choose a career path that followed his love and passion for music.

Although some of his biggest influences are from the rock genre (Richie Sambora, Neal Schon and Steve Lukather), Michael’s background and passion was primarily in the country genre. Today, Michael’s favourite genre to play is and where he is the most comfortable when playing is in country music.

As he cranks up his beloved Fender Telecaster, he still continues to get the sounds he needs to cover any genre. While attending Saint Mary’s University full time as he works towards his Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Michael still finds time to sling his guitar over his back and be a full-time professional freelance musician.

Michael has had the pleasure of being the lead guitarist for Merimac since the January, 2016 and has played and continues to play with many other artists such as TJ King, Jason Price, JoJo Mason and fronts his own solo group, the Michael Lloyd Band.