Want to ensure your event is a success? Merimac’s interactive live entertainment ensures it! Here’s a list of some common questions we’re asked when we’re being booked:

How many members does Merimac have?

We usually play as a standard 4 piece band but often perform with a fiddle player and or keyboardist making us a 5 or 6 piece option (see full member listing).  We occasionally play as 2 or 3 piece (Micromac or Minimac) for small functions.  Want a piano player, fiddler or bag piper to greet your guests at the event, ceremony or background music during cocktails or dinner? We can provide all of that! Ask us!.

Do you offer basic DJ services?

The cost of an semi-automated DJ is included which provides pre-recorded cocktail, dinner & dance music before, after and in between Merimac’s sets. We have some great playlists or you can create your own. Or if you prefer, for more demanding situations, a dedicated live DJ can take a myriad of song requests and is inexpensive compared to hiring a third party as almost all of the gear required is already setup for the band.

Can you supply all sound and lighting equipment?

We manage, supply & transport our own high quality production including full P.A., (mixer, monitors, mics, amps, speakers, lighting etc.) and a sound technician (where needed). We customize our production based on the locations requirements and needs of the event (beware some bands severely skimp on not using quality gear/production/lighting). We have a fantastic sounding PA and awesome light show!

How much does Merimac charge per show?

It depends on a number of factors such as distance, time of year, day of week, number of people attending, production, etc. We ask you about all these factors when you inquire. We are more expensive than DJ as we have a lot more production and have more members (this is a full show with high-end equipment, instruments & musicians!). However at times we have seen some very expensive DJs out there who’s prices weren’t really that much less than ours.

How far in advance should we book?

Completely up to you! We have taken confirmations up to 2.5 years in advance, have disappointed clients for inquiries 12 months in advance however there has been some rarely booked shows even a week before! Most private party are booked about 8 -14 months ahead.

We also have had a few private parties book a few weeks in advance and luckily we were able to change around a club date for it. Although our dates are listed on the right hand column of our home page, do not take this as absolute, please contact us to see what the status of the booking is. Sometime there is flexibility on private events and bar dates can be rescheduled.

How do you present in clubs vs weddings and private functions?

When considering to book Merimac for your event, we’d like to point out that our song list, banter and interaction with the audience is “geared” differently at clubs than at weddings where often a formal-like environment or an all-age group is concerned.

We tend to play dance songs that appeal to both the younger and older crowd especially for the first half of the night. At clubs, our first set can be more laid back when people are sometimes more interested in listening early in the night. We always put a lot of fun energy into our wedding & private event shows. If you have any requests regarding what songs you would like played when, we’re happy to cater.

We have better control of sound and lighting at private events as we use our own high quality system that is “well tweaked” opposed to some bars with small PA systems. We often have more stage room at private events and can better interact with the crowd than at clubs.

Which private locations have you played before?

A small sample:  The Hyatt Regency (Atlanta, Georgia), The Sheraton 4point (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Boston Regency and several places in Toronto. In NS, PEI & NB we can safely say we’ve played almost every hotel & venue for private parties available such as:

  • Pier 22
  • Pier 21
  • The Casino NS
  • The Prince George
  • The Westin
  • The World Trade Center
  • The Halifax Club
  • The Radison
  • The Inverary Inn in Cape Breton
  • The Lord Nelson
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • Peggy’s Cove
  • The Delta
  • Old Orchard Inn
  • The Holiday Inn (several locations)
  • Oak Island Inn
  • Tall Ship Silva
  • Ocean Stone
  • Best Western (Glengarry in Truro)
  • Ashburn Golf Resort (Halifax)
  • MicMac Yaught Club
  • Halifax Curling Club
  • most Maritime Universities and many, many more!

What services and additional customization do you provide?

  • Many AV options for conferences and beyond.
  • Extra microphones for podiums, speeches & announcements.
  • Feel free to customize Merimac’s song list to meet your needs.
  • We play 3X 50-minute sets (more sets available).
  • Setup & sound check is completed between 9 A.M – 7 P.M at your request.
  • We don’t mind working with the event’s schedule (ie. if dinner or announcements are delayed).
  • We may be able to learn a song request for your event.  We allow special guests from the event/wedding audience to perform with us upon request.
  • Promo Pack on request which has much of the same info found here on the website including the audio & video samples.
  • Please see our home or FB page for some testimonials.  We have many references available, please call regarding private functions & corporate events we’ve played in the past.
  • Suggestions for comedians & other entertainers who can accompany Merimac.
  • Call if looking for suggestions where to host your private party / event, we know of lots of great rooms with great staff!

Have any other questions?

Contact us for more infomration