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    Eddie (Mac) Fisher

    Operations, Drums & Lead Vocals This Tom Hanks look-alike has been compared to the likes of Don Henley of the Eagles and Phil Collins to sing lead while keeping a very mean groove on the drums. A 2nd generation drummer/ singer, (father sang & played pro more than 20 years throughout Canada) Eddie continues the affair for […]

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    • luke singer
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    Luke (Man) Morris

    Lead Vocals/ Harmonies/ Rhythm Guitar Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Luke has been playing music from a very early age. He started his career as a founding member of the Halifax indie rock band Sleep to Dream; released a music video for their single “Souvenir” off the first full length album Breaking the Silence. The […]

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    Craig (Super) Power

    Bass, Harmonies & Synth Playing part & full-time since 2002 with Merimac. He is a Merimac secret weapon. Like his name says “He’s got the POWER”. His enthusiasm and energy for music is always evident as he lights up the stage which is sure to pull you from your seat. Craig who comes to you […]

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    Clint Newcom

    Living most of his life in Nashville, Tennessee, Clint grew up with music all around him. Starting at the age of four as a budding drummer, he then developed a curiosity for the guitar. He started playing in a local band with his dad and friends at the age of 20 and did a short […]

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