East Coast Energy - Merimac

A collection of our best east coast and Maritime Celtic, Irish and acoustic music, guaranteed to get people out of their seats and jumping around the dance floor!  This is just a small sample of our east coast offering, and here’s a more comprehensive listing of the songs we cover:


Artist Name

Ordinary Day Gbs
Barrett’S Privateers Stan Rogers
Home For A Rest Spirit Of The West
Marry Mac / Drunken Sailor Traditional/Gbs
Feel The Same Way Rankin Family
The Night Paddy Murphy Died Traditional/Gbs
EXcursion / Heave Away The Fables
500 Miles The Proclaimers
Old Black Rum Traditional/Gbs
Mull River Shuffle Fiddle Songs The Rankins
Up Gbs
Lukey’S Boat Traditional/Gbs
I’S The B’Y Traditional
Black Velvet Band Traditional
Whiskey In The Jar Traditional
Run Runaway  Traditional
Farewell To Nova Scotia  Traditional
David’S Jig Anthony’S Suggestion
Finnegan’S Wake Traditional
Fair Thee Well Irish Rovers The/ Traditional
Marry Ellen Carter Stan Rogers
Dirty Old Town The Pogues
Snoopy Vs Red Barron Irish Rovers
Donkey Riding Great Big Sea
Goin’ Up Great Big Sea
Nelly J Banks Traditional
South Australia Traditional
Jambalaya Various Artists
Out On The Mira
Ast Of The Saskatchewan Pirates Arrogant Worms
Downeaster Alexa Billy Joel
Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald Gordon Lightfoot
The Crawl Irish Descendants
Unicorn Song (The) Irish Rovers The/ Traditional
Followed Her Around Jimmy Rankin
Lift Up Your Glass Kilt
If Venice Is Sinking Spirit Of The West
The Old Sod Spirit Of The West
Fogerty’S Cove Stan Rogers
Sudbury Saturday Night Stompin’ Tom Connors
Rocky Road To Dublin The Dubliners
Last Shanty Traditional
Mary’S Wedding Traditional
Tar Of The County Down Traditional